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 Surya Namaskar (also known as Saraswatarath) is one of the two main forms of Yoga that originated in India and its surrounding areas. The other main type is called Ashtanga Yoga. Both forms of Yoga are based on the same philosophy of achieving inner transformation and liberation through the practice of deep breathing, meditation, stretching, and strengthening exercises. In fact, the term "Surya" literally means "breath in". There are many Surya Namaskar asanas or postures that can be done during Yoga classes.

All these various Yoga asanas or posture are meant to promote overall health, physical well being, spiritual well being. The various Surya Namaskar poses have varied benefits for the entire body. While some are meant to enhance and strengthen certain body parts, like the spine, lower back, or shoulders, there are others that can be used to heal certain conditions or ailments. These postures can be used in conjunction with different yoga styles, like Ashtanga Yoga, for example, to make the overall effect of the sand much more powerful and beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

Some of the most popular yoga asanas that are included in the Surya Namaskar type of Yoga are Bhastrika, Sarvangasana, Bikram, and Chair pose. These are all very useful in relieving stress and tension on the body while at the same time promoting proper breathing and meditation. Some of these postures even stretch the muscles and joints of the body and improve blood circulation and lung capacity. This improves the overall health of the muscles, bones, organs, and glands of the body including the brain.

Pranayama or deep breathing exercises are also included in this type of Yoga. Pranayama basically involves inhaling and exhaling from the diaphragm and keeping your chest and stomach breaths. This helps in cleansing your system of any toxic and poisonous materials that may be present in your body.

Other Asanas like Surya Namaskar, Samadhi and Yantra forward bend also help in rejuvenating the muscle tissues and the other internal organs of the body. Surya Namaskar consists of a hundred and one poses and it has been used for thousands of years by the ancient Indians. This type of Yoga is ideal for those who want to purify their spirit and their mind as well. The goal of this is to achieve serenity and tranquility. It aims to unite the physical and spiritual realms of man. This leads to ultimate peace.

You can either meditate on your own or with the guidance of an experienced instructor. This is a complete body workout that should be performed with proper care and caution. If you are new to Yoga and have no idea about how to start the session, then you should opt for a Surya Namaskar class so that you can learn all about the breathing exercises and the positions. There are various types of Yoga and these are designed according to the needs of the person and the level of physical and mental fitness.

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