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 Iron deficiency anemia is known to be one of the major causes of hemoglobin dysfunctions. It is a condition where the red blood cells do not carry enough oxygen to the tissues. This leads to lower oxygenation which can damage the tissues further leading to anemia. People suffering from this condition are at a higher risk of developing heart diseases.

In order to prevent iron deficiency anemia, people need to take in more iron-rich foods and take iron supplements accordingly. But unfortunately, due to some environmental factors, people are unable to take enough iron supplements. A person suffering from iron-rich anemia can take iron-rich tablets or even digested iron supplements. Taking these iron supplements with the help of a doctor will provide them immediate relief.

Iron deficiency anemia is also known to cause anaemia and other disorders. It occurs when there is a lower transfer of oxygen to the body tissues. It is due to a reduced activity of the transport system of hemoglobin. People having low hemoglobin levels are at a higher risk of developing anaemia.

Some symptoms of iron deficiency are loss of appetite, tiredness, cold chills, and a tendency towards infections. If someone experiences these symptoms, it would be best advised to visit a doctor immediately for a proper diagnosis. If diagnosed correctly, the doctor recommends the patient to take iron supplements as prescribed by him. Patients suffering from anemia should ask their doctors about the effect of vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C is known to prevent inflammation and boost the immune system.

The red color that the red blood cells carry around is a sign that they have already lost oxygen to the body tissues. This condition normally happens when the hemoglobin content in the blood is below normal limits. Low hemoglobin content causes fatigue and weak muscles. It also reduces the ability of red blood cells to transport oxygen around the body. This can lead to anemia and eventually to anaemia if the condition goes untreated.

There are rare side effects of iron deficiency anemia, which include bleeding and stomach pain. Mild cases can also result in pale nails. Less common but more dangerous side effects include low potassium levels, seizures and coma in less severe cases. Iron overdose has been reported to cause coma and death in less severe cases. Hence, it is always best to consult a doctor or a qualified practitioner before taking any iron supplement.

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